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                the Green Willow                 Healing Group                         Helping YOU to                 Feel Great!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Green Willow Healing Group to a friend.  I attended the weekly meditation group, and I found it very friendly and welcoming. Brenda was very knowledgable about the subjects covered during the course. 

Michele, Bromsgrove                                                             

Had my first appointment of Rahanni Celestial Healing today ad it was so lovely. Felt truly relaxed and lighter after one session! Would definatly recommend it to anybody. so, thankyou for your help, can't wait to continue. 

Miss S.S. Redditch.

With grieving about the loss of my mum, who had had a long and happy life I still struggled. I was recommended to try Rahanni Celestial Healing with the Green Willow Healing Group. It was a wonderful experience. I left each session feeling uplifted and relieved. Brenda was able to ‘tune in’ to both my parents who had passed, with clear detail in her message from those I miss so much. Brenda, is an amazing lady!

Mrs A.H. Redditch

I highly recommend the Hopi Ear treatment. I noticed and immediate difference and I would say it did ease my vertigo. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Miss J.C Redditch

Spiritual Development Group. I was unable to sit still, with my mind all over the place and thinking about work all the time. Since coming to Circle, my family have noticed a difference in me. I too have noticed that I can sleep better and really look forward to each meeting. Really interesting subjects and practical sessions. These usually end in laughter and amazing experiences. Highly Recommend. Brenda is welcoming and delivers the meetings making us all feel safe with a no nonsense approach. Great! 

Ms. M.M Bromsgrove

Depressed and OCD!
The GP was helping me with my real low emotions and by accident, I found that Brenda was looking for case studies. I made appointments and usually arrived late by 10 mins. This being a sympton of finding leaving the house, with out trying to cram everything in.

After a month of weekly appointments, I have relaxed, can now eat at the table with my teenage family and have a better out look on my self and everyone around me. And I now arrive on time!

Thanks Brenda, Mrs B. Redditch

I had always thought that anyone who was needing therapy was celebraties and actors in Hollywood, which was really expensive. But I found I could stage my sessions and pay a head and have my appointments when suited me. Really fair price for how well and happy I feel now. 

Thank you

Kay, Worcester

What a star!

I had been a logger heads with my teenage sons for months. I know everyone says they change, but they both did within weeks of each other!

Through monthly appointments, I used the appointment for my relaxation, me time and Brenda taught me to meditate, which I always though was a bit far out. But I now look forward to my hour session of councelling and meditation.


Sara, Kidderminster.

Bit desperate and fed up.My best friend in the family died. My Grand Father. I could not shake off the grief and felt lost. With all my family Knowing how upset I was no one could help. I then asked for help. I found the meditation and the Spiritual Healing so relaxing and worth every penny. Just Great.

Miss.C. Warwickshire

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