the Green Willow Healing Group Helping YOU to Feel Great!
                the Green Willow                 Healing Group                         Helping YOU to                 Feel Great!

Holistic and Complementary Therapies or Treatment.

These will not interfere with any treatment you are having from the NHS.

Being responsible practitioners, we will ask that we complete a simple general health questionnaire during your first appointment.

This ensures you receive the best and most appropriate therapy to support you in your desire to change and improve your wellbeing.

A Payment plan is available, should you require ongoing sessions.

You will be eligible for the payment plan after you have had your first treatment and paid for this session in full. Subsequent sessions can be paid for under the easy payment plan. Zero Interest.

I believe these treatments are not exclusive to those who, at this moment can pay, but to everyone, regardless of financial freedom. 




Ear Candling with wellbeing facial massage


1 hour

Mindful Facial Massage with Back and Shoulders


1 hour

Rahanni Energy Healing & Crystals


1 hour

Foot Health  


1 hour



1 Hour

Signature Unique Full Body Luxury Massage


1 Hour


Back and Shoulder Massage


30 minutes

Full Body Massage With Aromatherapy Oils.



1 hour 



6 sessions


1 hour

each session

Meditation Therapy


1.5 hour

Angel Card Reading


1 hour

Tarot  Card  Reading


1 hour

Spiritual Development Group*


1.5 hours

each session

Psychic Counselling


1 hour

Reflective Talking Time


1 hour

*Spiritual Development Group. 

If you would like to take part in a Spiritual Development Group, please see labelled tab at the top of these web pages.

These groups may be referred to as 'Sitting in Circle'.

These groups are designed for clients who want to explore and develop their Spiritual interest.

Please note this is not a Coven.

It is a group of like-minded clients, who want to develop and understand their interest.

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