the Green Willow Healing Group Helping YOU to Feel Great!
                the Green Willow                 Healing Group                         Helping YOU to                 Feel Great!

Spiritual Development Group/Circle.

Circle takes place in the dedicated Healing Room in Redditch town centre.

Ideal for beginners or those wanting to return to Circle.  

The environment is supported and safe.


Commitment. Welcome to the start or continuation of your spiritual journey.

I respectfully advise, that for you to fully benefit from these sessions, you need to make a personal commitment, to you, for you, to attend all sessions. 


Mindfulness and Gratitude.

Seeing Auras.

Meeting your Guides, Spiritual and Angel.

Developing your intuition.

Meditation practice and importance.

Chakra understanding and your wellbeing.

Colour. Why is it important?


Duration: Weekly 6 sessions starting

New Course to be confirmed.

Sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Prompt start 19:30hrs.


To secure your place a deposit of  £30.00 in advance.

This secures your place and the venue.

Remaining £25.00 paid 4th session.


Payment accepted by Internet Banking.

Email me for Bank Account Details


pay here with PayPal.

Any questions? Please email me.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Pay for Sprirtual Development Sessions.

Payment to secure your place, pay the balance or play in full.

Pay Balance for Circle
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