the Green Willow Healing Group Helping YOU to Feel Great!
                the Green Willow                 Healing Group                         Helping YOU to                 Feel Great!

Your Change Program MindBody&Soul. A unique System.

Do you REALLY want to change?

MAYBE You have a medical reason to change?

Had a realisation that you want or need to feel better about yourself?

Maybe a photograph was taken recently that shocked you or upset you as it showed you how others see you?

Maybe you have a Medical underlying health condition making your desire to change urgent, drive to feel lighter, needing to get a healthier weight and Body Mass Index number? 

Low mood resulting from emotional upset or loss of a relationship, a loved one or job that you enjoyed.....


This program is for you.

We offer a unique 'mental and emotional gym' for your needs.

With two experienced talking therapies who specialise in Hypnotherapy.

Within the two month program, you will have access to a Hypnotherapist.

Within the program, you can choose one of the following. 

Choosing not to smoke cigarettes.

Feeling Lighter and making great choices for mealtimes and snacks with a gastric band.

Motivation to physically do more and balance eating habits with activity.

To support this you will have Yoga sessions included in the monthly price. Extraordinary for making you feel that you are in charge of your choice.

Modified to suit your personal abilities, while you reconnect with your own inner physical strength.

It is your practice.

No shouting to motivate you. Only gentle guidance.

NO GYM Clothes are required.

You will leave feeling, that you have worked hard and resulting in a natural High form your achievement. 

This is change program is supported by meditation. Never meditated before? Great!

Let me dispel the myths.

No need to sit on the floor cross-legged.

You have to sit in silence, waiting for 'meditation' to work. 

-You sit on a chair or lie down and all meditations are guided and supported. 

You will receive guidance on how to reduce your stress, keep calm under pressure, and examine how you behave when tired or stressed.


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