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                the Green Willow                 Healing Group                         Helping YOU to                 Feel Great!

The benefits of Meditating

Here are some of the health benefits of meditation that have been scientifically measured and reported in medical articles.  Meditation, when practised on a regular and frequent basis, will;

Reduces the feelings and decreases the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Allowing positive relief and a brighter outlook, over time to replace the released negative feelings. Meditation decreases stress when you’re feeling under pressure. Physically your body reacts well to the time you make to meditate. Increasing your immune, lymphatic system productivity for good health. Will reduce pain when integrated as part of a pain management strategy.Your reaction to ‘news’ or situations will be a more measured and centred reaction.My meditation groups take place sitting on comfortable seats or if you use a wheelchair, there is no requirement to transfer.Contact me to find out when a new group will be starting or put your name down on the 'interested list' for when a place becomes available.

Contact through this link. Thank you.

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