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How we will Help YOU to Feel GREAT!

Any change can be hard.

Organising family, getting everyone to work and school then your work. 

Socialising and keeping up with friends, family, colleagues, customers.....

So many demands which can leave us making our own

happiness and health lower on the List!


Everyone has expectations of how we are, how we do things, and our behaviours.

You might have workmates that you join for cigarette breaks or private chats with your manager, not an official meeting place but away from ears and eyes in the smoke shelter!

Whatever the motivation, You are rewarded with being away from a stressful work environment.

Changing this habit may make you feel like you are going to be deprived of that 'smokers club'. Missing out on the business plans, gossip and laughter.

What drives you? We all know that smoking is not a healthy habit.


Hungry and overeating. Meeting up with friends who choose treat size food and

then encouraging you to not stick to your best intentions? This can make you feel pressured and want to feel part of the group.  Overriding your promise to stick to your eating plan. The starter, main meal and even pudding later and a few large glasses of your tipple. There you are again. 

You ended up feeling guilty, stuffed full and angry. 

We can help you, change this.

Motivation to physically do more....helping you feel vital, well and strong.

Some of the scenarios listed above are the reasons that our best intentions get stopped in their tracks.


The three-point Change Program.

Why three points? 

Our choices are based on experience and acceptance.

This experience is learnt and reinforced and stored in the brain.

Brain training is the secret to becoming lighter, stronger and active. 

The three-point change is a cause and effect.

With this program, you will be given the tools to take back control. 

Strategies to help you make healthy choices.

You could be the silent influencer and leader of your workmates, friends and family as they stand witness to your positive choices and lifestyle. 

Can you imagine, feeling calmer in a high-pressure situation?

Keep your cool. We know that children learn by what they see.

From work to home.

You're in from work, the kids are demanding and you have dinner

to cook or go to collect little one, the traffic is the time

you get home to the people you love, you are really stressed, tired

and hungry and possibly snappy and grumpy too!

Not a good combination. 

Through mind training or brain re-training, you will be shown

techniques to master such situations.

Meditation has a bit of a bad reputation.

That is only for people with time on their hands to sit in a

quiet Japanese style garden and Omm for hours or celebrities. 

You will experience styles of meditation that suit you

(No sitting crossed-legged on the floor or shaving your head!

and no Omms unless that's what you would like to be taught.)


Meditation techniques that PRACTICALLY help you to remain

in control and feel better, reducing your stress levels. 

Giving you Control.


More Brain training with the experienced Hypnotherapist Jo

who specialises in 'Gastric Band' Hypno Therapy.

The technique Jo uses is remarkable with astounding results.

One to One sessions are every two weeks. 

Re-enforcing and guiding you through the process.

With a reflective group or one to one support on the weeks when you are not in a hypnotherapy session with Jo. 

The third point of the change program is a luxury spa-style treatment.

From deep stress-busting massage to ear candling and facial massage.

You will have three sessions of treatments within the change program.

You choose what treatment and when convenient for us both.


So, while everyone else is off to the gym.

On a 'diet' and possibly stopping smoking.

The body and mind will not cope with the stark change, causing a feeling of stress and for enthusiasm to become sabotaged.

With the old unhealthy or unhelpful habits returning.

By using the three-point change program you will be prepared.

Supported. Guided. 

You will be helped with getting your Mind, Body and Soul prepared

and starting Your three-point change program. 

With SUCCESS placing you at a fresh start and prepared to continue your change program to be the best version of you.

Please use the Contact Us page of the website to connect with us so we can support you.


Deposit £60.00 to secure your place in this exclusive program.

Our experts are waiting to hear from you.

Totally private and confidential.

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