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Tarot readings and things that go bump in the night......

For as long as I can remember, I have seen people, who others could not see, with other instances of feeling anxious or what I used to call my ‘funny tummy feeling’ before 'something' happened.

As my teenage years rolled on, I saw more and started to hear, really clearly not just the ‘voice in my head’ but also, the voices in my ear.

In one instance, so clear a female voice shouting my name, that the person I was sharing my room with also, heard the voice and asked me before I said anything “Did you just hear someone shout your name?” but with far more expletives!

I have been ‘turning cards (Tarot) and talking to dead folk’ for years, but only in recent times has this aspect of my work become more important with word of mouth referrals gathering momentum and clients asking for readings.

So, I thought I better add it to the website!

Other Spooki Dooki Stuff…..

Is weird stuff going on in your home?

Things just don’t feel, well right?

Own a business, but no one wants to stay behind or open upon his or her own?

There’s a room that no one likes to go in?

This could be for many reasons from stagnating energy to a spirit or a ghost that is ‘in-between Worlds’.

This is something that can be released with dignity.

No shouting, no aggravation or disrespect (like you see on the television.)

If you need help or just to talk through any concerns.

Please contact me, using any of the methods listed to the left of this column. 

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